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Selection Harvesting – How the U.S. Manages Timber Resources Sustainably

In this video, Criswell Davis talks about selection harvest, a sustainable timber and forestry management practice that only cuts down mature trees at their peak life. This is how the United States is able to satisfy 25% of the world’s appetite for hardwoods while only possessing 9% of the world’s hardwood resource in flooring, joinery, and futunitre.

Thanks to selection harvesting, in the U.S. we are growing twice as much timber as we’re cutting every year, and we have more than twice as much timber as we had 50 years ago.

Article from TBM Hardwoods: 5 Facts to Know from Criswell Davis’s Ted Talk on Designing with Hardwood

Our friends at TBM Hardwoods wrote up an article on our founding director’s TEDx talk that is a great quick read. Check out this excerpt: “As we hear about rainforests burning and other environmental disasters, it’s beneficial to watch the video to better understand how the well-managed U.S hardwoods resource is sustainable. And by well-managed, that means cutting trees down at the …

Hardwood expert Criswell Davis gives TED Talk, says hardwoods improve health

DAYTON, Ohio – Internationally recognized American hardwood consultant and speaker Criswell Davis gave an independently-organized TEDx Talk in Dayton, Ohio last October.   In the talk, Davis voices his strong support for building and designing with hardwoods – saying they bring out the symbiotic relationship human beings have with trees, which he says improves well-being.  Click here to read the …

What is the “Peak Life” for trees? Why do humans resonate with trees?

I contend that humans resonate with wood because we share similarities with one another.  Trees, like humans, are approximately 60% water.  Trees, like humans, are about 18% carbon.  Trees, like humans, have a peak life of about 80 years.  Additionally, humans exhale CO2 and trees inhale it, keeping the carbon and exhaling oxygen.  This is the very definition of symbiosis.   …