What Does TFF Do?

Educational Videos

TFF produces educational videos and campaigns that promote sustainability and the health benefits of specifying timber and hardwood of all kinds, highlighting responsible forest management.

TFF videos range in length from short (2-5 minutes) to long form (10-25 minutes) and are professionally produced by award-winning digital media experts. Videos are distributed on the TFF website and social media channels, including YouTube. Future videos may include programming for cable networks and streaming services. Organizations and companies are able to sponsor videos with their logos and names appearing in the credits and their products and services as the focus of video content.

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All TFF programs and efforts are intended to broaden the impact on – and outreach into – U.S. and international markets by encouraging national and worldwide demand for American timber products.

Ad Campaigns

TFF will develop advertising campaigns to influence the design choices of the public, and to encourage national and worldwide demand for American timber and hardwood products and other sustainably managed, legally harvested timber products.

A prime example of an industry coming together to promote its various products: “The Fabric of Our Lives” campaign by the cotton industry. The campaign’s goal was to influence consumer demand for cotton, as synthetic fabrics were encroaching on cotton’s market share, and it was a massive success; forty years ago, cotton had about a third of the market. Now, it commands about two-thirds.

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Architectural and Design Outreach Programs

Currently missing from industry efforts is architectural outreach, specifically the promotion of sustainably managed hardwoods in our biophilically designed built environments with a message about its role in improving the health and well-being of those who inhabit those spaces while improving the life of the planet. TFF will achieve this through the following:

  1. Training Seminars and Webinars
  2. In-House Presentations to Architecture and Design Firms
  3. Meetings with Specific Architects/Designers
  4. Architecture Schools
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Social Media Campaigns

TFF’s forward-thinking social media experts will consistently push out relevant and impactful content. Targeted schedules will be developed to revolve around and focus on the most relevant industry topics. Social media content will be made available to TFF members, sponsors, and partners for their own individual and branded promotions.
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