About TFF

Who We Are: A Voice for U.S. Timber

The Timber and Forestry Foundation (TFF) promotes the sustainable U.S. timber industry, representing U.S.-based companies and trade organizations associated with the industry and related industries, and the full range of U.S. timber products and by-products, including lumber, veneer, plywood, flooring, cabinetry, moulding, furniture, and other materials.

All TFF programs and efforts are intended to broaden the impact on – and outreach into – U.S. and international markets by encouraging national and worldwide demand for U.S. timber products.

Additionally, TFF works to protect American forests and the lives – plant, animal, and human alike – affected by and reliant on this powerful natural resource. TFF provides informational and educational resources to its members and promotes companies and industries that share TFF’s goal of responsible and sustainable forestry protection and management.

TFF is based in Dayton, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky, and its members are located all over the United States.


The sustainable United States timber story, backed
by peer reviewed scientific data,
is a great story, one we are proud to tell.

What We Do: Promotional Campaigns

On Thanksgiving Day in 1989, Cotton Incorporated, funded by the U.S. cotton industry, launched a simple but powerful advertising campaign: The Fabric of Our Lives. The campaign’s goal was to influence consumer demand for cotton, as synthetic fabrics were encroaching on cotton’s market share.

The television commercial extension of the ad campaign included a jingle with the words, “the touch, the feel, of cotton.” The words are now iconic, and the campaign was a massive success; forty years ago, cotton had about a third of the market. Now, it commands about two-thirds.

The Timber & Forestry Foundation (TFF) is proposing the development of an advertising campaign on a national scale, to influence the design choices of the public, and to encourage national and worldwide demand for U.S. timber and American hardwood products. We believe it is time for a “Fabric of Our Lives”-style campaign for the U.S. hardwoods industry.

But that is the long term goal. On the short term, and until the industry truly comes together to fund larger efforts collectively, TFF is committed to helping U.S. companies and organizations with the development of promotional and media campaigns on an individual basis.

Mission Statement

To promote the sustainability of U.S. timber, the companies and organizations that benefit from the use of U.S. timber, and the protection of U.S. woodlands through responsible forestry management.

Organization Founders

Criswell Davis
Founding Director, Board Member
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Dane Coleman
Director of Communications, Board Member
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Zack Ruef
Creative Director, Board Member
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