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Timber & Forestry


Why do we love trees? Because we need trees! Because trees protect our whole planet! Because trees provide homes for some of our favorite animals and bugs!

What's not to love about trees!


Why do we need trees?

Oxygen! Humans breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. Trees breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen. We need each other to live. It's the perfect partnership!


Did you know, ONE large tree can provide
a day's supply of oxygen for up to FOUR people?

(Source: NC State University)

How do trees protect the planet?

Trees are some of the hardest working living things on our planet. Every day, trees pull greenhouse gases out of the air and lock it away as they grow. Trees also remove pollution from the air. That's not all! Trees protect our soil from wind erosion and stop other pollutants from washing into our water. Trees work hard every day to protect our air, soil and water!

looking up a tree trunk

Did you know? Forested watersheds provide quality drinking water to more than 180 million Americans.

(Source: U.S. Forest Service)

Who else needs trees?

It's not just people that need trees. Countless animals, insects and even other plants need trees to survive. North American trees provide habitat for thousands of animal species including bald eagles, red foxes and brown bears.

cute fox looking at camera

Did you know? The world's largest bird's nest was 20 feet deep, weighed 2 tons, and was built by a pair of bald eagles!

(Source: Guinness World Records)