The Criswell Davis Scholarship


A Scholarship to Help Architects and Designers

The Criswell Davis Scholarship is designed to honor the memory and legacy of Criswell Davis, a passionate advocate for biophilic design and the integration of hardwoods into architectural projects. The scholarship aims to be an annual, recurring program that supports college candidates pursuing a career in architecture or interior design and furthering the vision of sustainable and nature-inspired environments.

Criswell Davis: Our Friend, Our Mentor, and Our Inspiration

The Timber & Forestry Foundation was co-founded by Criswell Davis, internationally recognized American hardwood expert, advocate, speaker, and hardwood specification consultant. Criswell passed away in late 2022, but TFF carries on his mission of inspiring the use of sustainable American hardwoods in design.

Criswell was an enthusiastic member of the American hardwood industry for over three decades, representing the American Hardwood Export Council internationally.  He was a passionate ambassador for the American hardwood industry and believed that designing with American hardwoods improves our personal health and the health of the planet. Criswell was a recognized TEDx 2019 speaker on the topic of American hardwoods in biophilic design.


Scholarship Eligibility

Number of Scholarships: 1 in 2024, with potential to expand to more candidates in future years

Eligible Candidates: The Criswell Davis Scholarship is open to college candidates who are committed to the principles of biophilic design and incorporating hardwoods into architectural and design projects. Eligible candidates may include undergraduate or graduate students studying architecture or interior design at an accredited institution.

Key Criteria:

  • Demonstrated passion for and commitment to biophilic design and the use of hardwoods in architectural projects.
  • Enrollment in an accredited college or university architecture or interior design program.
  • Strong academic record and dedication to academic excellence.
  • Leadership potential and a commitment to making a positive impact on the field of architecture and design.

    Selection Process:

    A selection committee appointed by The Timber and Forestry Foundation will review all applications. The committee will include TFF founders, industry experts, Bridget Walsh, and the Davis Family. The committee will evaluate candidates based on their academic achievements, commitment to biophilic design and hardwood integration, leadership potential, and the quality of their personal statement and recommendations.

    Financial Contributions

    Donations and Contributions:

    The scholarship has received over $6,000 worth of contributions from the industry so far, funding the scholarship for at least four years. Current donors include:

    Lisa Ayala
    Kristen Bartlett

    Tom Coble
    Ronald Cozean
    Walter Lourie
    Frank Miller Lumber
    Hartzell Hardwoods
    Timothy P Leyden
    Frank Luppino
    Grant Peck
    Linda Noffsinger
    Tad Savinar

    If you are interested in being a part of this effort, we would welcome your support, either through spreading the word about the scholarship to potential financial supporters or candidates (when the time comes), or by direct financial contribution. As a nonprofit, any donations to TFF are tax-deductible, and can be made public or anonymous. You can contribute to the scholarship directly via credit card or ACH payment using this link. Please contact us at [email protected] for alternative payment methods.

    We are excited about this opportunity to share Criswell’s passion and knowledge with a larger audience, and to help instill architects and designers with his influence and unique perspective.

    Thank you for reading and for your consideration.


    "By bringing nature into our built environments through biophilic design we can reaffirm our symbiotic relationship with trees and reduce stress in our lives." — Criswell Davis

    More Information

    Award Disbursement

    Scholarship recipients will be notified of their selection, and scholarship funds will be disbursed directly to the recipient's educational institution to be applied toward tuition and related expenses.

    Contact Information

    For inquiries and further information about The Criswell Davis Scholarship, please contact:

    (937) 907-0414 or [email protected]