The Timber & Forestry Foundation is Now a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

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A Nonprofit Producing Content for the Hardwoods Industry

The Timber & Forestry Foundation is proud to announce we are now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit conservation and education organization. As such, we are capable of partnering with organizations and companies to develop educational and promotional video content that benefits the industry and our members.

TFF serves hardwood, softwood, and lumber companies and organizations by developing educational videos and campaigns that promote sustainability and the health benefits of specifying timber and hardwood of all kinds, highlighting responsible forest management. Learn more on our About page >>

An example of our work:

Who We Are: The Voice for American Hardwoods

TFF develops modern educational campaigns and outreach programs using innovative digital tools to reach into U.S. and international markets to drive demand for sustainably managed, legally harvested timber and hardwood products. TFF believes that conveying the true nature of timber and hardwoods as sustainable, green products is essential to influencing buying trends worldwide.

TFF works to protect American forests and the lives – plant, animal, and human alike – affected by and reliant on this powerful natural resource. TFF provides informational and educational resources to the public and promotes companies and industries that share TFF’s goal of responsible and sustainable forestry protection and management. Get Involved >>

Join the Effort

For TFF to succeed in this effort we need support from industry partners and our members. A donation to the Timber & Forestry Foundation means you care about the American hardwoods industry, the U.S. economy, sustainable forestry management, and thriving flora and fauna populations.

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We also offer memberships for individuals and businesses. Our partners and members benefit from TFF programs through greater general market awareness, exposure of their products and services, and by defining their companies as not only leaders within the industry but stewards of sustainability, the environment, forestry protection, and green building materials.

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