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How Planting More Trees Helps the Environment

TFF forest management, sustainability

Planting trees is a crucial part of efforts to prevent climate change. Trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and store it as carbon in their biomass, which helps to reduce the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, one of the primary drivers of global warming. In fact, trees are one of the most effective and inexpensive tools we …

Timber & Forestry Foundation Launches Membership Programs, Sustainability Commitment Pledge

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The Timber & Forestry Foundation, or “TFF,” today launched membership programs for individuals and businesses/organizations. Membership in the program signifies support of sustainability, purposeful forest management, and the promotion of American timber and hardwoods as an important response to the need for environmentally beneficial building materials and practical carbon sequestration. Members who make the TFF sustainability commitment pledge will receive …

Hardwood Floors, the magazine of the National Wood Flooring Association, Publishes Article written by TFF Director Criswell Davis

TFF biophilic design, forest management, humans and trees, NWFA

TFF founding director was featured in the latest issue of Hardwood Floors, the magazine of the National Wood Flooring Association. Mr. Davis wrote the article titled, “Sustainable North American Hardwood Flooring as a Key Element of Biophilic Design,” for the magazine as special content for both the print and digital editions. Here is an excerpt from the article: Biophilic design …

“Don’t print this email” – Misperceptions About Hardwood Sustainability

Criswell Davis forest management, sustainability

Over the years, all of us have received emails with a note at the bottom suggesting that you not print the email, implying that to do so would help with the destruction of our forests.  This suggestion can create misunderstanding regarding the realities of how we manage our forests in the United States. The United States possesses approximately 9% of …

Selection Harvesting – How the U.S. Manages Timber Resources Sustainably

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In this video, Criswell Davis talks about selection harvest, a sustainable timber and forestry management practice that only cuts down mature trees at their peak life. This is how the United States is able to satisfy 25% of the world’s appetite for hardwoods while only possessing 9% of the world’s hardwood resource in flooring, joinery, and futunitre.

Thanks to selection harvesting, in the U.S. we are growing twice as much timber as we’re cutting every year, and we have more than twice as much timber as we had 50 years ago.