Timber & Forestry Foundation Launches Membership Programs, Sustainability Commitment Pledge

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The Timber & Forestry Foundation, or “TFF,” today launched membership programs for individuals and businesses/organizations. Membership in the program signifies support of sustainability, purposeful forest management, and the promotion of American timber and hardwoods as an important response to the need for environmentally beneficial building materials and practical carbon sequestration. Members who make the TFF sustainability commitment pledge will receive an official certificate from the foundation, and business/organization members will receive a digital copy of the TFF logo for use in the promotion of their organization’s commitment to sustainability. All members will also receive TFF promotional materials and merchandise.

Proceeds to the Timber & Forestry Foundation will go towards the development and execution of dynamic and compelling promotional campaigns to actively educate the public about sustainability, ethical forest management, and driving demand for American timber and hardwoods as a beautiful and viable component of environmentally focused building and design.

The Timber & Forestry Foundation is an educational platform that promotes the sustainability, carbon sequestration benefits, and beauty of American and legally harvested timber and hardwoods. TFF develops educational campaigns and outreach programs using digital tools to drive demand in the U.S. and worldwide for sustainably managed, legally harvested timber and hardwood products.

TFF has three primary goals, according to the foundation’s website: to educate and inform the public on the sustainable practices of current North American forestry management, to influence design trends and promote the use of hardwood materials for interior spaces, and to promote the usage of the abundant, natural, green resource that is American Hardwood.

The United States forest products industry is one of the largest in the world, representing 4% of the U.S. GDP and employing more than 950,000 people. The United States possesses approximately 9% of the world’s hardwood resource and satisfies 25% of the world’s production needs for hardwoods in flooring, furniture, and joinery. Misconceptions about the sustainability of the industry persist.

“People think cutting down trees is inherently wrong, but in the United States, that couldn’t be further from the truth,” said Criswell Davis, TFF’s founding director. “For every tree harvested 2.4 trees takes its place through natural regeneration. This model of sustainability is achieved through the dedication of landowners and foresters practicing sustainable forest resource management. This is a model for the world.”

Since the writing of this press release, Criswell Davis passed away. TFF will be speaking more to the legacy and contribution of Criswell to the Timber & Forestry Foundation at a later date.

For more information about the Timber & Forestry Foundation and its memberships, visit http://www.timberandorestry.org/get-involved

The Timber & Forestry Foundation (TFF) (https://timberandforestry.org/) promotes sustainable forestry management and the use of American timber products. TFF is based in Dayton, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky, and its members are located all over the United States.

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