TFF Sticker


Your purchase helps fund the creation of materials that help promote American hardwoods.



For TFF to succeed in this effort we need support from industry partners and our members.

Our partners and members will benefit from TFF programs through greater general market awareness, exposure of their products and services, and by defining their companies as not only leaders within the industry but stewards of sustainability, the environment, forestry protection, and green building materials.

By joining the Timber & Forestry Foundation (through membership, sponsorship, and/or partnership) you are agreeing to this commitment, joining as stewards of the environment and advocates for sustainable forest management. Starting at the Business Membership level you will receive a digital copy of the official TFF logo for use in the promotion of your organization’s commitment to sustainability. The Timber & Forestry Foundation logo is the hallmark of sustainability, renewable resources, and a shared commitment to a greener tomorrow.

Proceeds to the Timber & Forestry Foundation go towards educating the public about sustainability, ethical forest management, and the environmental advantage of American timber and hardwoods in design. This is done through educational programs in schools and organizations, public awareness campaigns, marketing activities, and industry outreach.