The Life of Wood

Promoting U.S. Timber and American Hardwoods


"The Life of Wood" is an idea for a promotional campaign that promotes U.S. timber and American hardwoods. The campaign will use modern marketing tactics to reach into U.S. and international markets and encourage national and worldwide demand for U.S. timber and American hardwood products.

In addition to traditional marketing methods such as print campaigns and web and social media campaigns, TFF will use video — by far the most effective and modern messaging platform.

The Life of Wood video series is one part of a growing effort to develop campaigns that inform, educate and promote the entirety of the U.S. timber industry, bringing together all ends of American forestry, wood harvesting, and manufacturing, including companies, organizations, associations and publications dedicated to this precious natural resource.

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Following American timber from the forest to final products; from the life of a tree to the extended life of wood in our day-to-day lives.

Video Series

In the Life of Wood video series, we will follow American timber from the forest to final products, analyzing the beauty, sustainability, longevity, scope, and usage of timber, from the life of a tree to the extended life of wood in our day-to-day lives. We will visit with loggers, sawmills, wood artisans, millworkers, flooring manufacturers and various other timber product manufacturers. We will interview industry leaders and specialists, scientists and craftsman alike.

Video is a highly dynamic tool for simplifying complex industries and issues. Motion graphics and 3D can highlight details and subject material in an easy-to-digest and entertaining format with viral potential. This article does a great job of explaining how 3D and technical animation benefits industrial marketing strategies.

With the power of video, we intend to make the TFF message as accessible as we can for the design community and public – the driving forces of timber product trends and traditions. The Life of Wood series will be a library – a hub of thought-provoking, educational and entertaining content.

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Introducing The Life of Wood, a Series Promoting U.S. Timber and Sustainable Forests

Selection Harvesting - How the U.S. Manages Timber Resources Sustainably

Sponsor The Life of Wood Campaign

We need the help of our friends in the U.S. timber and American hardwoods industries for The Life of Wood campaign to be success. We are building a network of support from industry partners in the form of underwriting. Our sponsors will benefit from the Life of Wood series through exposure of their products and services and by defining their companies as not only leaders within the industry but stewards of environment, forestry protection, and green building materials.

We’re all in this together.

Thank you for your support.

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